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AQUALIFE N⁰1 Cares Service

We established Aqua Service Academy to serve AquaFamily Member as a whole, and we separate into two team – LIFE doctor (Installation) and LIFE doctress (Maintenance Service). They need to be qualified before arrange for real practice. To ensure each service installation is done with extreme care and passion, they’re been well trained and to pass the examination by monthly basis.

Our Services Include

  1. Filter Replacement
  2. 1-to-1 professional service
  3. Electro Sterilization
  1. Steam Sterilization for water tank
  2. NCS 15-Point Check
  3. Additional Sterilization for kitchen

Quality Assurance

Our water filter system are imported from Korea and of the best and most advanced technologies.
One of the most renowned players in the domestic water filtration system industry.
Committed to maintaining Korea Halal standards and quality for our customer.
We will assure to provide best service to all our customer. Call our Hotline +855967623089