The pH level of water can impact our health and cleaning ability.
In this blog, you will discover what pH level is and what reasons we should know about it.

In urban areas like Phnom Penh, the demand for clean water is increasing as tap water, despite undergoing treatment, remains susceptible to contaminants, bacteria, and viruses due to old and leaking underground pipes. This poses health risks, especially during the rainy season when floodwater accumulates harmful contaminants. Many people resort to buying bottled water or …

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According to a National Academy of Sciences report, the residues of 39 pesticides and their degradation products have been detected in the groundwater of thirty-four states and Canadian provinces. We try so hard by eating organic fruits and vegetables to avoid consuming pesticides and they are most likely in our water!

6 important reasons you need to be drinking plenty of water every day.

Alkaline water, also commonly known as ionized water, is water that has a pH level greater than seven.

Learn how drinking water can help increase your energy, control weight, improve skin health, put you in a good mood, and more.