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aqualife mini s specs mobile
aqualife mini s spec

The new REAL Tankless technology with Mini-S. Keep you away from bacteria and mold grow in water tank. Purified water is instantly heated.

Equipped with Hot and Purified function. Easily control the temperature by touch.

Instant Hot 50°C, 70°C & 90°C

Auto Smart System

• Smart Alarm Function.Informs when to change the filter

• Auto Clean Function.Keep filters clean after replacement

• Safe Care Function.Drains off liquid residue in internal water line

aqualife mini s grey easy replacement filter

Easy replacement filter

Easily detach the filter by a twist provide more saving in maintenance.

aqualife mini s UV Sterilization

UV Sterilization

Improved hygiene with 99.9% UV Sterilization of the dispenser head.

aqualife mini s touchpad and safety

Touchpad and Safety

Sophisticated design be applied to more convenience. Just a light touch to use.
Safety lock function embedded within the touchpad. 5 sec lock | 2 sec unlock

aqualife mini s peace of mind

Peace of Mind

Keep your home in peace and quiet during standby mode. No hazardous refrigerants such as Freon Gas.

aqualife mini s
aqualife mini s colour options e1659177121697
Available in two colour options where will meet various demands of users.


Model MINI S Tankless
Color Grey / Black
Rate Input (Hot)2.4kW
Voltage220V~240V, 50/60Hz
Filtration SystemNano Positive + Carbon Block + Pre PP
Hot Water Temp.50°C~85°C
Room Water Temp.20°C~35°C
OriginMade in Korea

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

$ 35 x 5年
  • 首付 $388
  • 5年 – 保养保家保修
  • 5年 – 更换滤芯+免运费/包安装
  • 附送$80消费积分+水质检测
  • 双管式出水口 x1
$ 1,188
  • 5年 – 保养保家保修
  • 5年 – 更换滤芯+免运费/包安装
  • 附送$80消费积分+水质检测
  • 双管式出水口 x1

Water Filter

aqualife miniS filter

Nano Positive

Removes nano virus (99.9%) colon bacillus virus and bacteria preserve mineral ingredients.

Carbon Block

Removes residual chlorine & chemical subtances

Pre PP

Remove dirt, including rust, silt, sand, hair and loose dust.

Quality Assurance