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• Soft caressing feeling of strong water pressure

• Remove invisible rust & foreign substances hidden in tap water.

• Powerful cleansing effect of fine streams of water.

aqualife water pressure rising and water saving

Water-pressure rising and water-saving

Water stream from Ioncares Shower Head with better pressure because there is approximately 280 micro-holes. It is 3-4 times higher compare to general shower head.

Ideal Assemble of Shower head

Step 4 – Micro-perforation Spraying Plate
Raising water pressure and saving water at the same time
Step 3 – Micro Fabric Filter
Removing impurities of fine particles remaining to the end
Step 2 – Vitamin Filter
Effect of removing residual chlorine
Step 1 – Micro Sediment Filter
Excellent in removing rust, foreign substances and dust, plus antioxidant effect
aqualife ideal assemble of shower head
auqalife the reason to remove residual chlorine

The reason to remove residual chlorine

“People who drink chlorinated water have 93% higher chance to get cancer than people who drink -non-chlorinated water.” – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

“The amount of volatile pollutant absorbed by breathing during 15 minutes of taking a shower in a shower room is equivalent to the amount of drinking 1 liter of tap water.” – Professor Jurian Indelman, Graduate School at the University of Pittsburgh.


Dimension(W*H*D) 78mm(W) x 260mm(H) x 84mm(D)
Weight 260g
Working Pressure 1 ~ 3 Bar
Operation Temperature 4~55ºC

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

$ 35 x 5年
  • 首付 $388
  • 5年 – 保养保家保修
  • 5年 – 更换滤芯+免运费/包安装
  • 附送$80消费积分+水质检测
  • 双管式出水口 x1
$ 1,188
  • 5年 – 保养保家保修
  • 5年 – 更换滤芯+免运费/包安装
  • 附送$80消费积分+水质检测
  • 双管式出水口 x1

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