Why We Need a Water Purifier at Home?

Clean Water Source Starting Point

In urban areas like Phnom Penh, the demand for clean water is increasing as tap water, despite undergoing treatment, remains susceptible to contaminants, bacteria, and viruses due to old and leaking underground pipes. This poses health risks, especially during the rainy season when floodwater accumulates harmful contaminants. Many people resort to buying bottled water or boiling tap water before consumption, but these methods are costly and time-consuming. To address these challenges, this article aims to help you choose an affordable, high-quality water purifier that ensures clean and safe water for your family while saving you time and money.

Why should we buy a water purifier?

First of all, our main purpose is to have a clean drinking water.

Having a water purifier is like having an agent that standby to eliminate the bacteria, viruses, chemical contaminants, chlorine, sediments, dust, and odor from tap water before you drink. This ensures the health safety for us and our loved ones at home.

Furthermore, with better water taste, your kids and family members may enjoy drinking more water leading to better hydration that can help various healths such as brain functions, digestion, skin, and blood stream as well.

The great thing you may notice over time is that you will save a lot of money by filling the purified water from home instead of buying bottle waters when you go outside.

Okay, now I start to understand the long-term value of purchasing a water purifier. How should I choose a right water purifier?

cost calculation for monthly water bottles buying

How should I choose a right water purifier?

Before you decide to buy a water purifier, I suggest you to not be easily convinced by the ad you see online yet since some of those products couldn’t deliver as promise.

So before you buy consider its purification technology, filter replacement and maintenance, flow rate, convenience, affordability, etc.

Purification Technology

Some technologies that we often see in water purifiers are Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), or Ultrafiltration (UF). Let’s discuss a little bit with each technology.

differences of water purifier (RO, UV, UF)

RO is effective at removing dissolved solids, heavy metals, minerals and microorganisms. It’s often used at the area with high contaminant water source and it’s not the best option for normal household such as in urban areas that use the tap water. It’s also not suggested if you consume water from the tap water since it generates more waste water and requires a lot of energy to push the water.

This is where the 2 popular alternatives which is UV and UF and come to the rescue.

Since UV uses the UV light, which makes it seems advanced. There’s a clear difference between these UV and UF filter. Actually UV filters is effective in eliminating the microorganisms but cannot remove the particles such as sediments, heavy metals. Whereas, UF filter is more effective in absorbing the small particles, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, fibers, but it keeps preserving the good minerals, which, in overall, UF filter works better than UV filter.

With the LUNOX model it has the AquaNano+ filter, which is even more powerful than the UF filter since it has smaller pores equipped with the latest Korean technology that is capable of removing impurities, small particles, bacteria, viruses, microorganisms presented in the water, and it also removes all the bad odors, result in improving the water taste. This ensure absolute peace in your mind.

Aqualife Water Filter (AquaNano+)

Filter replacement and maintenance

We all want to ensure that the products that we buy has its own necessary filters to be ready for the replacement when it reaches its lifetime span or when it’s in need of frequent replacement due to higher usage within the household.

It’s also worth to have the high-quality and trustworthy filters to put in our water purifier machine to ensure our water we drink is clean and clear of any contaminants.

Regarding the service maintenance, we want to have a regular check up from the professionals or experts that we trust.

All of these features including advanced technology, regular checkup, high-quality products and filters, and skilled experts are all in the core of our mission and purpose.

Water purifier service maintenance

In conclusion, having a water purifier at home is a wise decision to safeguard your family’s health and ensure access to clean, safe, and great-tasting drinking water. When selecting a purifier, consider the purification technology, flow rate, convenience, affordability, and maintenance requirements. The remarkable Aqualife’s AquaNano+ filter and its other products, with its latest Korean technology, stands out as an exceptional choice, offering unmatched effectiveness, enhanced water purity, and long-lasting performance. Choose the right package based on your specific needs and experience the benefits of having a cutting-edge water purifier at home.

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